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AOSION Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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32X21 Inches


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AOSION Snuffle Mat

Interactive Snuffle Mat for Dogs, Cats and Rabbit

Why Chooses the AOSION Snuffle Mat?

Encourage Healthy Behaviors

The layers of the snuffle mat simulate the hunting behavior in grass and fields for your dogs, which helps encourage healthy sniffing behaviors. With various shapes on the snuffle mat, you can hide dry food or small treats under different layers. According to experts, 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour of walking.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Dogs have different characteristics and behave differently. Some are active chewers, but some might have bad separation anxiety. This snuffing mat is the perfect distraction for keeping them away from chewing furniture or being depressed. The mat also comes with two squeaky carrot toys to help distract your pets, keeping them entertained and busy.

Versatile Slow Feeder Mat

Not only does this snuffle mat stimulates sniffing behaviors, but also acts as a slow feeder mat. Similar to a slow feeder, the layers of the sniffing mat are designed to hide dry food, preventing your pets from digestive problems.

Perfect for All Sizes of Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

With a dimension of 32 x 20 inches, this snuffle mat is suitable for all sizes of dogs, cats, or even rabbits. The strap on the side and the non-slip dispensing at the back of the mat also help to fix it on the floor.

Portable, Easy to Wash & Store

With a strap on the side, you can fold this dog snuffle mat into a compact size for better transportation and storage. It is compact and portable to bring along for traveling. This dog-sniffing toy is also washable by hand or machine for easy maintenance.

Look At More Details

  • This Snuffle mat has five different hiding spots, including the flower, under the folds, under the leaves, and the carrot pit. Providing multiple sniffing textures to your pets' entertainment.

  • The snuffle mat is designed with anti-slip dots on the bottom, helping to stabilize the mat on wooden floor and tile floor.

  • The dog snuffle mat comes with two 6 inch squeeky carrot toys. The sizes are bigger than the ones on the market, preventing your dogs from swallowing. The upgraded material is more durable with chewers.

  • There is a length-adjustable stap on the side of the snuffle mat. You can easily secure the folded sniffling mat for storage or travel. The strap can also be used to help stablize the mat.

  • The polyester snuffle mat can be handwash or machine wash. You can simply wash it with soapy water or washing machine. It is also easy to dry.

  • We value your experience with every single AOSION product. To fulfill your pet's indoor and outdoor needs, our snuffle mat comes with a 5ft dog leash. Enjoy playing with your pet both indoor and outdoor.