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AOSION Peekaboo Cat Cave,Cat Donut Bed With Pet Blanket

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AOSION Cat Donut Bed

Reason for choosing AOSION Peekaboo Cat Cave


Cat tunnel bed is made of high quality felt material, which is abrasion and scratch resistant to meet the cat's nature of scratching and rubbing. A felt cat cave that can be used both indoors and outdoors and is universal for all seasons.


The double layer cat donut bed can meet the needs of loving pets. Cats can sleep in the upper circular cat nest and they can chase and play, hide as well as rest in the tunnel. The anti-collapse ensures the multiple pets can use cat tunnel bed at the same time without disturbing each other.


The M size cat tunnel bed is 20 inches,it suitables for the small pets up to 8 lbs.The other L size is 24 inches ,it suitables for the pets up to 22 lbs.It suitable for various sizes of pets,not only a cat tunnels for indoor cats but also a kitten tunnel toy.


Upgraded zipper makes pulling open the donut bed smoother.Open the peekaboo cat cave,the pet will get two nests for chasing.And the cat nest disassembly and cleaning are very simple just pull the zipper.


This cozy and convenient cat nest is made perfect with an extra gift blanket. While your beloved pet is having a good night's sleep on the doughnut bed, you can cover them with the blanket and let them have a unique and beautiful dream.

View Cat Donut Tunnel Details

  • High Quality Felt Material

    Cat tunnel bed is made of high quality felt material that is abrasion and scratch resistant to meet the scratching and rubbing characteristics of cats. A felt cat tunnel that can be used indoors and outdoors for all seasons.

  • Smooth Zipper

    The upgraded zipper allows us to open it smoothly and fluidly, split the cat nest into two, and thus the pet will have two pieces of nest to chase. With just a simple zipper, the nest for cats is easy to remove and clean.

  • Anti-collapse Design

    The double-layered cat donut bed is designed for cats to sleep on and also for them to chase, play, hide, and rest inside the tunnel. The bed ensures that multiple pets can use it at the same time without interfering with each other.