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AOSION Electric Bug Zapper for Indoor& Outdoor

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8 x 7.5 x 12 inches


1.96 lb

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AOSION Bug Zapper

The 4200V Bug Zapper Light is Perfect for Indoor Home Areas, Backyards, and Camping.

Why Chooses the AOSION Electric Bug Zapper?

UVA Upgrade

The AOSION bug zapper light has been upgraded to 18W, higher in UVA than the 15W ones on the market. The top of the electric bug zapper is designed with a lifting ring to facilitate hanging and handling outdoor & indoor areas, including balconies, gardens, camping grounds, enclosed courtyards, and more.

Works with Most Insects

Designed with blue-violet light, the bug zapper attracts most flying insects, including mosquitoes, Aedes, gnats, midges, flies, horse flies, fruit flies, house flies, moths, wasps, etc. Plus, this bug zapper light comes with an additional mosquito control sticker that can help you kill more flies when the mosquito zapper light excees the range.

High-Voltage & Waterproof

This high-voltage electric mosquito killer has a coverage area of up to 2100 square feet. It also features a high-quality IPX4 waterproof design, providing a pest-free environment, whether sunny or rainy.

Safe Material for Kids & Pets

This electric bug zapper is made of flame retardant and ABS materials, featuring high-temperature resistance and no irritating odor. It is colorless, odorless, and contains no pesticides. Our bug zapper light is designed with galvanized steel wire mesh to avoid electric shock, making it safe for children and pets.

Easy Assembly & Cleaning

Please remember to unplug the device before cleaning. The bug zapper light is designed with safety protection devices to prevent contact with the light bulb. The trap has a removable mosquito tray and brush at the bottom that can brush away any insect debris from the mesh for easy cleaning.

How to clean the AOSION Electric Bug Zapper?

  • Twist and remove the bottom cap.

  • Use the brush to clean the residual mosquitoes inside.

  • Rinse the bottom cap with water and dry it before putting it back on.

  • Comes with free fly sticker