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AOSION 21'' Stainless Steel Concave Comal with Propane Burner

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25'' x 20'' x 16''


17.4 lb

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AOSION Concave Comal Set

The stainless steel comal set fits various scenarios and is multifunction.

Why Choosing the AOSION Concave Comal Set?

Premium Stainless Steel

The whole concave comal set is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. It is moisture-proof and rust-proof. Cleaning is easy with stainless steel. You can simply rinse it with dish soap and water.

Cast Iron Propane Burner with Stainless Steel Frame

The propane burner is made of heavy cast iron with a weatherproof coating. The burner also adopts an all-welded stainless steel frame and is windproof and waterproof for outdoor use.

Multi Function Comal Set

While you can use the whole comal set as shown in our pictures, you can also use the concave comal and propane burner separately on different occasions. The comal is suitable for propane burner, firewood, and kitchen gas stove. To use the comal on kitchen stove tops or indoors, simply remove the three legs.

Allows Various Food Cooking

The propane burner and the comal have separate mounting stands, which enhance the stability of the whole set. It allows for cooking various ingredients at the same time. It is perfect for cooking roasted tortillas, steak, seafood, and vegetables.

Free Gifts

The concave comal set comes with heat-resistant gloves, stainless steel shovels, food clips, and a storage bag. We hope you enjoy cooking with this Discada cooker and bring it on outdoor trips.

How to Assemble the Concave Comal Set?

  • Step 1:

    Attach burner legs to the burner and secure them with hexagonal screws.

  • Step 2:

    Connect the gas hose to the burner

  • Step 3:

    Attach the legs to the bottom of the concave comal. Turn clockwise.